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How to measure CO2 and VOC with Arduino. Which one is better?

Do you sometimes feel tired during meetings? Or do you sometimes have a headache after work? Do you want to change that? Then, this video can be interesting for you because we will measure harmful gases in your environment, which can trigger both. We use one ESP32 and two ESP8266. The sensors are: Winsen MH-Z19, Sensirion SGP30, and SCD30 (Measuring CO2 Tutorial) In this video: – Focus on indoor climate – Focus on gases where the primary cause is humans – Look at CO2 its influence on indoor air quality – See the relationship between CO2 sensors and global warming – Use a second way to assess indoor air: VOC or eCO2 – And we will build sensors to transfer values to Grafana I am a proud Patreon of GreatScott!, Electroboom, Electronoobs, EEVblog, and others.

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