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We build a historic “PC” using technology from the 1970s (8085, 8155, old EPROM, TTL)

We all love our Arduinos and ESPs. But do you know or remember where they came from? Today we start a journey back to the late 1970 and early 1980s where the “Personal Computer” journey began. The chips used back then were simple and gave honest feedback. That is why we can learn a lot about today’s chips. Like Ben Eater “Hello, world” from scratch on a 6502 “, just much faster. Do you want to accompany me on this journey? Today we will start by looking at the different parts and tools used back then. – We will try to find the roots of our microcontroller used in Arduinos – We will use Intel’s 8085 family of chips – We will look at the different parts like CPU, different types of memory, and peripherals – We will work with EPROMS. Which is very “old fashioned” – We will have to understand address and data busses – We will deal with addressing different chips and so design a memory map – We will learn how to de-multiplex addresses from data – During this work we will learn a little about the famous 74xx chip series – In the end, we have a schematic for a simple SBC with 4KByte EPROM, 2kByte RAM, a timer, and 24 IO Pins. Not bad for the 1980s

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